July Newsletter

Your looking for the latest most revolutionary technology in skin care…

We’ve got it!

Announcing PicoRejuve

Clear and smooth skin can give you a younger, more attractive appearance. However, blemishes, fine lines, and wrinkles can keep you from this goal.

One of the biggest challenges in improving these concerns is that many of the technologies that address them:

  • Don’t work for all skin types.
  • Aren’t always comfortable.
  • Require some downtime for recovery.

That’s why Procerus Skin Care is excited to offer PicoRejuve and PicoFade laser treatments for our clients with fine lines, freckles, birthmarks, age spots, and other skin concerns. The PicoRejuve and PicoFade treatments utilize the most advanced cosmetic laser platform available to build and restore collagen and elastin and handle difficult pigment. We were the first facility in our area to employ this innovative technology.

The PicoRejuve utilizes fractionated laser pulses on a Picosecond laser platform.  PicoRejuve works differently because it uses extremely targeted and extremely short laser pulses (measured in picoseconds, or trillionths of a second). These pulses can shatter unwanted pigment into much smaller particles than traditional lasers can. PicoRejuve also emits less heat energy than traditional lasers, so less thermal energy transfers to the skin, making the treatments safer for those at risk for post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Have you been waiting for Ultherapy to be included in our specials?

Ultherapy, the non-surgical facelift has been a tremendous hit! We have added it to our July specials and are offering $500 off for full face, lower face and neck, full neck or full face and neck when you book with one of our Ultherapists.  Start your lift off right with Ulthera and our highly trained Ultherapists. The training makes a tremendous difference. Our ladies went through an extensive, in depth training with a master trainer. We have already had feedback from clients who had had Ultherapy elsewhere regarding how markedly different their treatment experience was for them here at Procerus. Experience the difference for yourself!

Tensage Growth Factor

What can the snail do for You? The SCA technology in the Tensage Growth Factor found in the Tensage Serum (SCA 15) and the Tensage Intensive Serum (SCA 50) is derived from the secretions of the Crytomphalus asersa snail, combine a natural complex of growth factors and antioxidants and glycosaminoglycans to help repair, maintain and protect the skin. It has been shown in multiple studies to improve dryness, roughness, color and wrinkles.

Tensage Stem Cell

The Tensage Stem Cell Cream with CellPro Technology has it’s unique natural ingredient extracted from the eggs of the Crytomphalus aspersa snail. The stem cells assist the natural activity of our stem cells aiding their ability to replenish skin cells, reinforce skin integrity, restore healthy youthful appearing skin.

The ideal regimen combines a variety of products that help address multiple signs of aging and work together to combat the resulting visible signs. The Tensage Growth Factors products assist in the efficiency of EXISTING skin cells to help repair environmental/sun damage and protect skin from future damage. The Tensage Stem Cell products assist the natural activity of our stems to create healthy NEW skin cells to help replenish skin cells, and reinforce skin’s integrity restoring healthy youthful appearing skin.

We have a fabulous offer combining 4 products; the Tensage Serum (SCA15) and the Tensage Intensive Serum (SCA 50) (reg $320) with Tensage Stem Cell Cream and Tensage Stem Cell Eye Cream (reg $327) for an incredibly low bundled price of only $385 for all 4 products while supplies last.

Volbella is a big hit!

Did you know that you reach you peak lip volume at age 14?

Genetics and environmental factors cause a degradation of our youthful collagen and result in a deflated appearance. This is often represented by an elongation of the distance between the nose and the upper lip and troublesome lip lines. You can restore your own soft natural lip volume with subtle enhancement with Volbella.  Dr Kathleen has been working with Volbella for over a year, and has seen that Volbella provides superior longevity in the lips to prior fillers for lips and lip lines. We’ve obseverd Volbella lasting well beyond one year, where most other lip fillers will only last 6 months.

Lip Enhancement is offered as a special for the month of July featuring either Volbella, or Restylane Silk. Whether you need one or two syringes to obtain optimal correction, the $126 savings won’t hurt. Remember, you can combine your brilliant distinctions coupons with Volbella or your Aspire Rewards coupons with Restylane SIlk for greater savings. Volbella comes in a smaller syringe so if you are looking for increased volume, you would likely need two syringes to acheive a noticeable increase.

Volbella before and after

Pick me up with a little Tox!

The heads and tails favorite at Procerus is Dysport. Our clients prefer Dysport 6:1 over Botox brand botulinum toxin. The most common reason we hear is that they prefer it because it gives them a more natural, less frozen appearance.

We are continuing the 4th of July Special for for the entire month. This is a real throw back price not likely to appear again soon, so catch it while you can.