Derm V

Derm V for facial redness, facial veins, broken capillaries and discoloration from sun damage helps those seeking improved skin complexion tone and decreased skin redness in Ann Arbor Michigan, Detroit, Lansing and surrounding areas. Derm V designed by Lutronic is an innovative breakthrough device making great improvements on pulsed dye and KTP laser technology which have traditionally been the industry standard for treating facial redness and facial capillaries and veins. Derm V has an advanced cooling system which is key to delivering targeted treatments effectively and safely for these concerns with reduced downtime over traditional procedures.

This laser treatment can be used for treating redness and brown discoloration on the face, neck, chest, arms, legs and back. It can also be used to clear cherry angiomas, and bruises.

What should I expect at my appointment?

At your appointment, your practitioner will review your concerns and perform an in depth skin assessment on our Visia skin analyzer. The advanced cooling mechanism makes the treatment very tolerable eliminating a need for topical or injectable anesthetic or pain medication as needed with some treatments. The treatment itself can take 15-30 minutes based on the area being treated. Post care instructions will be reviewed with you be for you depart, most importantly the need for sun protection.

How long will it last?

Brown discolorations once cleared are permanently removed. Future episodes of sun damage can occur if not taking precautions. Some areas can persistently form small veins and capillaries due to trauma such as the nose from frequent rubbing due to irritation from allergies. The good news is that any new visible vessels formed can also be treated.

What is the downtime?

You can expect the treated area to be pink immediately post treatment. This pinkness fades quickly. For brown discolorations, they can become dry and then fall off.

Works well with:

Alastin Restorative Skin Complex and ISDN Eryfotona Ageless Sun Protection for supporting skincare products. Complimentary treatments are Hydrafacial MD and Morpheus 8. The Aquagold Facial Treatment with MicroBotox is another excellent complement to the Derm V in building a flawless complexion.

Dr. Gilmore is a Skilled Practitioner and a Great Person – Ann Arbor, MI

I could not be happier or more impressed with the treatment and service at Procerus Skin Care in Ann Arbor Michigan. I had deep pitted acne scarring for 20 years. I had tried everything available to get the scarring to the surface, with no improvement. Dr. Gilmore did a combination of Co2 with PRP, Thread lift, and Bellafill. I already look like a new person, and I expect to see even more improvement over the next few months. I can also speak to her artistry with Botox and Dysport. Oh! and she microneedled my neck to plump, smooth perfection. I wasted a lot of resources on very little improvement over the last 20 years. Dr. Kathleen will only perform procedures that will give you results, and I appreciate that! *

Lynda Combe
Professional, courtesy and honest

Professional, courtesy and honest. What a refreshing staff!

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Brittany Arndt
BOTOX treatments, HydraFacial

Best hydra facial I’ve had in Ann Arbor. They carry Botox (actual Botox brand) unlike many med spas in the area.

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Molly Conway
Client for 10+ yrs!

Dr. Kathleen and her staff are beyond wonderful. Dr. K is the best combination of medical expertise and bedside manner. She’s incredibly knowledgeable and goes out of her way to explain, answer questions, and ensure the client understands and is comfortable and confident with their treatment(s). Her practice is of the highest quality and well worth a visit. I highly recommend her on all fronts. And her staff is extremely professional, communicative / responsive, accommodating, and friendly. You want great treatment options / service offerings, great results, and a great experience - please take my word, Procerus is the right spot.

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Valerie Kay
There is no better place for top notch care and results

I am over the moon happy with my results and love being part of the most up to date procedures at Procerus Skin Care!!

I love the passion and care that the entire team has for the latest and greatest options for skincare, anti-aging and aesthetics.

Jozelyn is the newest addition to their team and has zest for the practice. She has amazing techniques and insight!

Samantha the Office Manager is knowledgable, approachable, honest and HELPFUL on everything from your goals, what works for your budget and for your expectations! She's amazing and is a great resource for what you might have interest in.

Lena, Nadia and Dr.Gilmore are all superb too! I love this office!

There is no better place for top notch care and results for whatever a person is looking for!

Love This Office

I had a friend come with me because she was curious about dysport and Botox. Jamie took the time to answer all of her questions and answer my questions. She also talk to me about future stuff that I have been thinking about. I got dysport in two places, it was seamless and painless and it’s been less than 24 hours and I already know I’m going to love the results.