Fotofacial / Limelight

Photofacial/AFT/IPL is a special treatment designed to rejuvenate the skin. If you suffer from sun damage, age spots, rosacea, broken capillaries, wrinkles, and any other discoloration problems, Photofacial/AFT/IPL may be the dermatological approach you’ve been looking for.

photofacial ipl

How AFT/IPL Works

Photofacial/AFT/IPL uses a series of uniquely shaped light pulses that gently penetrate the top layers of the skin to cause micro-injury. stimulating resorption of unwanted reds and browns and uneven pigment and texture, allowing the body to undergo its natural healing and rejuvenating  process.

Because the treatment was developed to specifically heat the intended target – red and brown pigment – the surrounding areas will not experience any damage or discomfort.  Skin will appear even-toned, healthy, and youthful.

Each photofacial session lasts about 30 minutes. The treated area will be cleansed and a cooling gel applied to the skin. The light pulses are then delivered, improving the look and texture of the treated area.

Once the process is complete, the cooling gel is removed and skin is cleansed. A mild amount of discomfort can be expected.

Most clients require four to six AFT/IPL treatment sessions for maximun results, three or four weeks apart.

There is no down time and patients may resume daily activities immediately. Side effects are extremely rare.

After the treatment, the skin may appear red, tiny capillaries may appear more visible, and pigmented spots may look darker.  All of these changes gradually fade over a period of hours or a few days.

It is important to limit sun exposure for several weeks prior to and after the procedure for best results.

Before treatment, clients should discontinue retinoid products and sun tanning of any type. After treatment, you should cleanse with gentle cleansers, apply moisturizer, and use SPF 30 or above.

Most clients notice improvement even after the first treatment. These improvements are gradual and will be more visible after each treatment.

People with visible aging from the sun can expect to see their skin become smoother and their sun spots fade.

There’s no guarantee of specific results and the results can vary.

How much does IPL / Fotofacial cost?

Price Range: $150 – $675