More and more of our patients are discovering Bellafill in  Ann Arbor and the surrounding southeast Michigan area as  a treatment for fine lines, wrinkles, and other unwanted effects of aging in the face as well as for acne scars. Dr. Gilmore is one of the leading aesthetic medicine physicians in the area and is qualified to deliver this type of service to interested patients.

What is Bellafill?

Bellafill is a dermal injectable that is administered to enhance facial volume and eliminate the signs of aging in the face. This filler alternative particularly addresses lost volume in the face as well as eliminates facial creases and folds. We say filler alternative because this injectable is combination of collagen for an instant smoothing of lines along with PMMA a collagen stimulant, stimulating your production of your own collagen hence giving you a longer lasting benefit. This injectable collagen stimulant composed of polymethyl methacrylate, which is a safe component used in medicine for 65 years in corneal implants, and orthopedics sits as a framework and catalyst for new collagen formation to provided long lasting volume correction.

In which areas of the face can Bellafill be injected?

Generally, Bellafill is used to treat acne scars, especially the deeper broad based type with rolling shoulders. In the aging face, Bellafill is used to restore volume and reduce folds and lines around the mouth known as nasolabial folds, melomental folds, and smile lines.

How will my Bellafill procedure go?

During your consultation, a skin test will be advised to test for allergy to bovine collagen prior to having the Bellafill procedure.  During the day of your treatment, you can expect a numbing cream to be applied on your skin to promote comfort during the procedure. Your face is thoroughly cleaned prior to starting the injections. A small amount of Bellafill is then injected to the indicated areas by way of a very thin fine needle, many times smaller than ones used for vaccinations. The entire procedure usually takes about 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the areas that need treatment.  As with any dermal filler injection, most common adverse effects are bruising, swelling, which when present can be managed and are short lived.  Bellafill recently completed a 5 year safety profile study. For full safety information you may follow this link

What can I expect after my Bellafill treatment?

After the procedure, our staff will provide post care instructions. You will be advised to return to your normal activities right away, but anything strenuous will have to be avoided within the first 24 hours after the procedure. To achieve maximum results and to maintain them, 2-3 Bellafill sessions may be recommended by Dr. Gilmore.

When will I see the final results?

Although most of our patients in Michigan already notice a significant improvement in their face a day or two after treatment, this result is not actually final and is only due to collagen portion of the Bellafill. This dramatic change will give Dr. Gilmore an idea of how the final result will look like. After a few weeks, your body will gradually produce new collagen around the PMMA, bringing volume to the underlying skin structure in the areas treated with Bellafill. Final results may already be noticeable after four to eight weeks, in which a follow-up treatment session may be needed. You may likely be advised to undergo two to three treatment sessions to achieve maximum results.

Bellafill Before & After

How much does Bellafill cost?

Price Range: $900-$5500