UltraShape Power

Easy Safe Ultrasound  •  Effective As Liposuction

Now Announcing UltraShape Power

With 3 treatments of ultrasound you destroy fat cells with little to no downtime*, taking off 2cm on average per abdominal treatment. **During the course of 3 treatments the average patient sees a 1 to 3.5cm reduction in their waistline and a definite change in how their clothes fit. If you have ever had a diagnostic ultrasound, using sound waves, this is that same technology. *You will recall that it is truly painless, simple, and easy.

Our staff will measure you, document your BMI, measurements, and perform the painless treatment in one hour, and then review your instructions prior to your returning for your next session in 2 weeks. You will have a total of 3 treatment sessions. You can conclude all of your treatments within one month from your start date, and will appreciate your results 2-3 weeks following each treatment. *Unlike Coolsculpting and Liposonix, which don’t show results for 2-3 months following treatment. *There’s no guarantee of specific results and the results can vary.

UltraShape provides a smooth and uniform treatment and is often used as a correction post CoolSculpting and post Liposuction for divots, and irregularities often seen following these procedures, which are not seen with UltraShape due to the smooth even nature of the energy delivery.

Procerus Skin Care, always in the lead, now has UltraShape USculpt Software upgrade with the ability to treat at not one, but two depths! This improvement upon what was already the leading technology in fat reduction allows the option for extended treatments, and more advanced treatments when needed. We now also have the smaller hand piece for targeting smaller areas of fat, such as bra fat, back fat, saddlebags, male breast reduction etc..

*With UltraShape Power you can now see your goals within your reach without the pain, risk, the downtime, of liposuction. Why wait any longer? Take those inches off with UltraShape Power at Procerus Skin Care Troy / Ann Arbor, Michigan’s exclusive location for UltraShape Power. Due to Dr Gilmore’s experience and research with prior device for fat reduction and body contouring, and the expertise and skill of her centers, Procerus was selected to receive the first device in the Midwest. You won’t need to travel to California or New York for this treatment. We were able to bring it here to you in Michigan. But hurry, call today to schedule your treatment. Slots are filling up fast. 734-794-3786

*There’s no guarantee of specific results and the results can vary for different people.
** Safety and efficacy of UltraShape Contour I treatments to improve the appearance of body contours | Source: National Center for Biotechnology Information

What’s as safe as ultrasound, yet as effective as Liposuction for removing those stubborn pockets of fat? Wait no longer!

You’ve been good. You’ve been eating right, watching those carbs, you’re exercising, yoga, Pilates, barre fitness high intensity intervals, you name it and you’re on it, but up until now you still have abdominal fat. A little “pooch” as some fondly refer to it, that won’t leave you alone.

Many undergo anesthesia at risk of bleeding and surgery to have this removed. Then of course there is recovery time.

UltraShape: Liposuction alternative, also repairs irregularities post Liposuction.

How much does UltraShape Power cost?

Price Range: $700 – $1100