Body Contouring Treatments

Body Contouring treatments are a large part of our practice in Ann Arbor, Michigan, whether it’s fat reduction of the midsection or thighs, or bodysculpting of the abdominal muscles or gluteal muscles, we’ve got you covered. A common concern for many is cellulite. We offer two treatments for cellulite, Cellfina, and VelaShape III.

What is Cellfina?

Cellfina is an in office procedure to release the bands that tether down true dimples from cellulite. Prior to a Cellfina treatment, we mark all dimples that can be addressed with Cellfina. Anesthetic is injected into the areas of the dimples, and then a microblade is used to release the dimples. Following the procedure, there is some expected bruising and soreness for 3-5 days on average. The results from the Cellfina treatment are longer lasting than many other cellulite treatments. We typically offer a complementary VelaShape procedure following Cellfina to help tone and tighten loose skin for those who have a combination of true cellulite dimples and loose skin.

What is VelaShape?

VelaShape, specifically VelaShape III is offered at Procerus Skin Care in Ann Arbor for smoothing the appearance of cellulite, toning and tightening the skin and for circumferential reduction. VelaShape can be used on targeted areas on the thighs, and can also be used for a buttocks lift, or to tighten skin on the abdomen. VelaShape is done as an initial series, and then followed by maintenance treatments. We often have clients who will come in for VelaShape prior to a vacation.

What is UltraShape Power?

Many in our practice are seeking non-invasive fat destruction treatments.

We also offer UltraShape Power for spot fat reduction. UltraShape Power is a competitor to CoolSculpting, but without discomfort or downtime. UltraShape power user focused pulsed ultrasound to destroy fat cells. UltraShape series is a series of three treatments two weeks apart. During the UtraShape studies, a 30% reduction was seen in fat. UltraShape is not a weight loss treatment. Ideal candidates for UltraShape Power are those who are at or near their desired weight through diet and exercise, but have a stubborn area of fat that they would like reduced. The fat destroyed during the UltraShape Power treatment is permanently destroyed.


We are proud to introduce to SouthEast Michigan, EMSCULPT a revolutionary new treatment for building muscle and burning fat. Many in Detroit and Ann Arbor are looking to build and sculpt their bodies, beyond simply reducing fat. The EMSCULPT provides supramaximal contractions causing muscles to grow in size. The treatment is applied to the abdomen, and is also available for the buttocks muscles. The series is offered in four 30 minute sessions, performed twice a week for two weeks.

How much does Body Contouring cost?

Price Range: $300 – $3500