EMTONE for cellulite, loose and lax skin on the body helps those seeking skin tightening, toning and improved appearance in Ann Arbor Michigan, Detroit, Lansing and surrounding areas. EMTONE designed by BTL, the makers of EMSCULPT and EMSULPT NEO uses two types of technology – radio frequency and acoustic wave to tighten and smooth irregular contours for skin on the body. Radiofrequency (RF) is a powerful skin tightening tool and in EMTONE RF is combined with acoustic wave technology which has been shown to be affective at disrupting bands that hold cellulite in place. These two technologies combined can provide a powerful solution to stubborn cellulite. The RF heats the skin while the in motion hand-piece is moved over the treatment area. The acoustic wave provides a vibratory sensation. This treatment is well tolerated, non- invasive, comfortable and without downtime.

The EMTONE treatment can be used in multiple areas including abdomen, arms, and thighs. It is excels in smoothing lax and creepy skin, and cellulite.

What should I expect at my appointment?

At your appointment, your treatment provider will review your primary concerns with you. You will have a full body contouring assessment and consultation taking into consideration, skin quality, texture, areas of fat accumulation or fat loss, and reduced muscle tone. If EMTONE is determined to be best alone or in combination, then a treatment plan will be outlined. Each EMTONE treatment session lasts approximately 15-30 minutes. A grounding pad is applied for the radiofrequency, and a conducting gel is placed on the skin. The treatment applicator is moved over the skin generating warmth and vibration in circular motions. Each body area is treated based upon its size from 7-12 minutes. EMTONE is delivered in a series of 4 sessions over two weeks.

How long will it last?

Our bodies will continue to age, and aging is accelerated by UV exposure from the sun. Most people who have completed a series with EMTONE will do a maintenance treatment in 3-12 months or before a vacation or event.

Works well with:

For those with true deep individual cellulite dimples, Qwo is the ideal treatment. EMTONE can compliment a Qwo treatment series by smoothing and toning the skin, and reducing the severity of bruising from Qwo treatments.

EMTONE also works well with EMSCULPT for those with muscle and fat loss by restoring loss volume balance and core strength. In the most advanced non-surgical cases, we may advise combining EMTONE with Morpheus 8 to further improve creepy skin and laxity.