CoolPeel Laser

CoolPeel® by Cartessa – Laser Pigment and Texture Improvement

The Cartessa CoolPeel Laser is a modern advanced customizable CO2 skin rejuvenation laser treatment addressing pigmentation, texture, pores, and laxity for persons of all skin types. The CoolPeel is safe, easily tolerated and highly effective and represents a major advance in laser skin rejuvenation.

What is CoolPeel Laser and How Does it Work?

The CoolPeel Laser Treatment offers the power of a CO2 laser fine tuned enough to be used on all skin types addressing fine lines around the eyes, mouth as well as pores on the nose, forehead and cheeks.  Its advanced technology platform allows for minimal downtime, and low levels of discomfort from the treatment.  It can be tuned up for faster, more dramatic results, or tuned down for low to no downtime, and discomfort while achieving results in a series of successive treatments.  CO2 has the power to clear unwanted pigmentations, feather out wrinkles and fine lines and deliver smooth glowing even complexion over the course of an individualized treatment regimen.

CoolPeel Laser

What can I expect during my CoolPeel Laser treatment appointment?

A CoolPeel Laser Treatment is 10-20 minutes. People commonly will add on the neck to address wrinkles, laxity and pigmentation from sun damage.  The treatment does not require numbing  An individualized treatment regimen will be designed specific to your skin type and concerns and can range from 2-6 treatments.

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