Tetra CO2 Laser

Tetra CO2 by Cartessa – Laser Pigment, Texture, and Wrinkle Improvement

Tetra CO2 is a laser treatment mode available on the CoolPeel laser Platform.  Tetra offers the power of a traditional CO2 laser treatment customized and developed for faster recovery and reduced discomfort over historical CO2 laser treatments.  Tetra CO2 is our go-to option for acne scarring, etched-in lip lines also known as smokers lines, and deep lines or wrinkles around the eyes.

What is Tetra CO2 Laser and How Does it Work?

Tetra CO2 offers the power of traditional CO2 fractional lasers but is engineered with scatter technology pulse delivery allowing for reduced downtime and more rapid recovery.   A single pass of the Tetra CO2 laser is delivered to evenly cover the targeted treatment area.  The CO2 energy is emitted in a fractional fashion which differs from the ablative mode many may be familiar with.  The fractional treatment ablates pixels -tiny islands leaving normal skin surrounding the ablated pixels allowing for rapid and efficient healing and recovery.

Tetra CO2 Laser

What can I expect during my Tetra CO2 Laser treatment appointment at Procerus Skin Care?

A Tetra CO2 Laser Treatment takes between 15-20 minutes for the face.  Prior to the treatment we allow 30 minutes of topical anesthetic (numbing) to make the procedure more comfortable.  Following the procedure, the face is pink and has a sunburn sensation.  The anticipated downtime varies per individual but averages approximately 3-4 days.   Many of our patients like to add on the Tetra CO2 Treatment for the neck, and or chest to address sun damage, pigmentation, wrinkles, and laxity in these areas. One can expect the redness to take longer to clear from the neck and chest than from the face. The Tetra CO2 laser treatment is best suited for skin types I-III and some individuals with skin type IV.

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