Vampire Breast Lift

What is the Vampire Breast Lift?

The Vampire Breast Lift, invented by Dr. Charles Runels, is a great new procedure that is based on the science of platelet rich plasma (PRP) which incorporates your own growth factors and healing ingredients in your blood to regenerate tissue. When injected into the cleavage area of the breast with a few painless injections, PRP can help to regenerate the skin, fat, and breast tissue of the cleavage area. Dr. Gilmore can also inject dermal filler in certain cases to give even more volume, especially if breast implants are beginning to be more visible under the skin. The Vampire Breast Lift can really improve the way your breasts look whether you are wearing clothes or not.

How does the Vampire Breast Lift work?

Dr. Gilmore will first assess your skin quality, age of the skin, possible sun damage and wrinkles, and possible volume loss in the upper inner breast and cleavage area. Dr. Gilmore will also assess the possibility of problems with the breast implant (if you have them) which may require surgical evaluation first. If surgery is not necessary and we decide you are a good candidate for this procedure, then it is a simple process.

After a painless blood draw from your arm, like with our other PRP-related procedures, we will obtain the Platelet Rich Plasma using an FDA-approved sterile system which gives a solution of your own concentrated growth factors and healing ingredients. This will be injected into the cleavage skin and fat of the breast to improve quality of skin, texture, skin thickness, fat and breast volume. If more volume is needed, a hyaluronic acid dermal filler may also be injected in the area.

What result will you see from the Vampire Breast Lift?

Most patients will see a relatively quick improvement in the overall quality of the skin. The skin and breast tissue will thicken and become less transparent. The color of the skin will improve as the PRP increases blood flow to the tissue. Fine lines and wrinkles will start to diminish with time. These changes usually happen within the first few weeks to months.

The longer-term result is regeneration and increase in the fat tissue and continued collagen remodeling in the skin. This will give a better look to the cleavage area especially when wearing a bra or bikini. Patients generally notice an increase in quality of skin and volume of the breast even when not wearing a bra.

The color of the skin will improve, the shape becomes more full and plump and the texture becomes smoother.

Patients with decreased sensation in the nipple area or even inverted nipples and atrophied tissue can see a great increase in nipple sensitivity for sexual pleasure and regeneration of a healthier nipple areolar complex.  Don’t worry, it won’t make the nipple “too” sensitive.

Are you a candidate for the Vampire Breast Lift?

If you have noticed textural changes, fine lines wrinkles, thinning of skin, loss of volume, or even implant-show in the inner upper cleavage area of the breast, or decreased/lost nipple sensation or inverted nipples, you could be a great candidate and see great results with the Vampire Breast Lift.

Will I need other procedures?

During a full consultation, Dr. Gilmore will discuss your concerns, causes of your conditions, available treatments, and what will likely help you.  She may recommend The Vampire Breast Lift and/or another procedure such as IPL, Fractional Ablation CO2 laser skin resurfacing, Ultherapy, or Microneedling.  After your consult, you will feel comfortable and understand your options and what will give you the best result.

Is this only for women with implants?

No. Although The Vampire Breast Lift can greatly improve the cleavage area in a woman who has breast implants (whether the implant has started to show or not and even if the skin hasn’t thinned much), this procedure can also improve the quality, look, and fullness of the breast skin and fat in a woman without implants.  Age and sun can cause the skin/fat to deteriorate in the breast area and PRP in The Vampire Breast Lift can help this too.

Can this help with nipple numbness and inversion?

Yes!  The Vampire Breast Lift can also include painless injections of PRP under and around the nipple-areolar complex.  Women who have lost sensation due to age, skin damage, or surgery can see a significant improvement in nipple sensation, areolar color, and even an inverted nipple.  But don’t worry, we have never seen this procedure make a woman too sensitive!

Does The Vampire Breast Lift hurt?

No, it really doesn’t hurt.  The numbing cream makes your skin not feel the couple of injections through the skin.  You may feel a slight pinch that no one says hurts.  There is little to no discomfort afterwards.  You can immediately resume normal exercise and sexual activity.

Is The Vampire Breast Lift safe?

Absolutely. Because we are using your own naturally occurring growth factors to rejuvenate tissue and blood vessels, there is no real risk of side effects or complications. There has never been a documented complication of a PRP procedure in any medical literature. We have seen great results with no complications in our medical practice.

If you have breast implants, Dr. Gilmore has an expert injection technique to avoid the implant.

Because this treatment has not been studied in pregnancy, at this time, Dr. Gilmore does not offer The Vampire Breast Lift to pregnant women.

You should have had your routine yearly gynecological/breast exam before getting The Vampire Breast Lift.

Is this covered by insurance?

No. This is an elective procedure and is not yet covered by insurance.

Why come see Dr. Gilmore in Ann Arbor for The Vampire Breast Lift?

  • This procedure can only legally be offered by a highly experienced injector who has successfully completed the training, testing and certification of The Vampire Breast Lift procedure by the creator, Dr. Charles Runels.
  • Dr. Gilmore is a highly experienced injector who is certified and trained for The Vampire Breast Lift under Dr Runels training program.
  • Dr. Gilmore’s extensive knowledge of PRP, its uses, anatomy and function, plus her state-of-the-art FDA-approved system for obtaining PRP, all enable her to provide you with the highest level of safe and successful results.
  • Lastly, Dr. Gilmore has realized the need for women to have a viable option that was previously not available to help them with their concerns. She is excited about the opportunity to help you and those you know with these concerns!

How much does a Vampire Breast Lift cost?

Price Range: $1750