Clear and Brilliant Touch

The next-generation laser, Clear + Brilliant Touch, uses both the original 1440nm and Perméa 1927nm wavelengths. This gadget offers a more varied and effective treatment for reducing aging signs, preserving glowing skin, and improving overall skin appearance.

The board-certified specialists at Procerus Skin Care have access to a wide range of laser devices, allowing us to tailor each patient’s treatment to get the finest results in the shortest amount of time. We have the knowledge and experience to build customized treatment plans that will help you reach your beauty goals and keep you looking and feeling great.

To achieve a visible change, you’ll probably require a series of laser treatments, which our patients commonly see after 4 to 6 treatments at our skin care facility.

What is the clear + brilliant touch and how does it work?

The Clear + Brilliant laser is a fractional treatment that replaces damaged skin with new, healthy-looking tissue by creating small treatment zones in the upper layers of the skin. While the original 1440 nm wavelength is effective for fine wrinkles and a poor skin tone, the Permea 1927 nm wavelength is effective for pigmentation issues, resulting in a single platform that provides the entire therapy.

The Clear + Brilliant Touch treatment is suitable for people of all ages and skin types, and it is great for both men and women who want to reduce the appearance of early symptoms of aging or maintain their skin’s appearance.

What is the effect of the clear + brilliant touch?

Clear + Brilliant Touch treatments were found to have the following advantages in clinical studies:

  • Early signs of aging, such as fine wrinkles, are reduced.
  • Improved clarity, vibrancy, and complexion radiancy by reducing pore size and creating a smoother skin surface with a more consistent skin texture and tone.
  • Pigmentation, melasma, and spots have improved in appearance.
  • Increased skin permeability as a result of increased collagen synthesis

What is the procedure at our skin care clinic like?

During their treatment at our skin care facility, most patients report feeling hot. To reduce discomfort, you can have a topical anesthetic given before treatment. When compared to utilizing just one of the devices, the gadget seamlessly shifts between the Clear + Brilliant and Perméa modes for a faster, more efficient operation and more thorough results.

When will the results be obtainable?

You’ll see some instant improvements, but your skin’s appearance will improve overtime as well. Your skin will begin to feel softer, look brighter, and have a more even tone a few days following the treatment.

In the weeks and months afterward, your skin will continue to heal, and touch-up treatments will help you get even better.

How does the recovery process work?

There is extremely little downtime, with very slight redness and irritation occurring right after treatment and often fading within a few hours. Following their therapy session, the majority of patients resume their normal activities.


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