Winter Newsletter


We are proud to announce the launch of Cellfina at Procerus Skin Care. Cellfina is already a hot topic, and we are already experiencing the demand for this service. Cellfina enjoys 90 plus thumbs up reviews on Real Self and is the real game changer in cellulite treatment. Schedule an individual consult and learn how to ditch those dimples once and for all! See our January specials for a special introductory promotion. This special is not likely to be seen again as it is well under the usual for Cellfina.


What’s ideal for an instant lift, volume replenishment, and collagen stimulation? Radiesse. The Radiesse 1.5 ml syringe is the best value filler on the market. That’s 50% more than the typical fillers which come in 1.0 ml syringes. So with Radiesse you are able to get to full correction faster and with fewer syringes than with its competitors.

Tensage Growth Factor

What can the snail do for You? The SCA technology in the Tensage Growth Factor found in the Tensage Serum (SCA 15) and the Tensage Intensive Serum (SCA 50) is derived from the secretions of the Crytomphalus asersa snail, combine a natural complex of growth factors and antioxidants and glycosaminoglycans to help repair, maintain and protect the skin. It has been shown in multiple studies to improve dryness, roughness, color and wrinkles.

Tensage Stem Cell

The Tensage Stem Cell Cream with CellPro Technology has it’s unique natural ingredient extracted from the eggs of the Crytomphalus aspersa snail. The stem cell product line assists the natural activity of our stem cells aiding their ability to replenish skin cells, reinforce skin integrity, and help restore healthy youthful appearing skin.

The ideal regimen combines a variety of products that help address multiple signs of aging and work together to combat the resulting visible signs. The Tensage Growth Factors products assist in the efficiency of EXISTING skin cells to help repair environmental/sun damage and protect skin from future damage. The Tensage Stem Cell products assist the natural activity of our stems to create healthy NEW skin cells to help replenish skin cells, and reinforce skin’s integrity restoring healthy youthful appearing skin.

We have a fabulous offer combining 4 products; the Tensage Serum (SCA15) and the Tensage Intensive Serum (SCA 50) (reg $320) with Tensage Stem Cell Cream and Tensage Stem Cell Eye Cream (reg $327) for an incredibly low bundled price of only $385 while supplies last.

Procerus Skin Care Open House!

We have a special event planned for February 9th 2:00 – 5:00 pm.
We will address anti-aging in 4D. How we assess age related changes in skin and changes in structural support and fat distribution and the various technologies available today to address these changes. We will have experts from industry present, treatment demonstrations, refreshments, and lots of fun!

Look Fabulous With Our New Years Specials!!

There’s still time to cash in on the January Specials. You can change your profile, by ditching that double chin and save. Botox and Dysport are on special for January and for the New Year, we have the best UltraSHape jumpstart price that you will see this year.  Buy 2 UltraShape sessions and get the 3rd one FREE.