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Save $ And Look Good Doing It!

MicroNeedling Face
PRICE: $299 DISCOUNT: 20% VALUE: $375

MicroNeedling Face and Neck
PRICE: $425 DISCOUNT: 15% VALUE: $500

UltraShape Abdomen (up to 11 zones)
PRICE: $900 DISCOUNT: 18% VALUE: $1,100

UltraShape Abdomen Package of 3
PRICE: $2,600 DISCOUNT: 21% VALUE: $3,300


Restylane Silk w/1 Syringe Of Restylane Lyft
PRICE: $525 Save: $50 VALUE: $575

Restylane Silk w/2 Syringes Of Restylane Lyft
PRICE: $475 Save: $100 VALUE: $575


Juvederm Volbella
1st Syringe
PRICE: $450 Save: $75 VALUE: $525

2nd Syringe
PRICE: $400 Save: $125 VALUE: $525

PRICE: $850 Save: $200 VALUE: $1050

What We’re Offering

Winter has set in and with it, the need for remedying that tired, dehydrated and dull skin. At Procerus, we’ve put together several treatment combos designed not only to HYDRATE but also LIGHTEN, BRIGHTEN and TIGHTEN – restoring a healthy, youthful glow. The wonderful offerings we’ve designed to combat mother nature’s icy touch, are only offered during the month of February, be sure to book your appointment now.

The newest addition to our extensive offerings at Procerus, is Dermaplaning. Highly sought after, this treatment removes the dull/dry surface layers, revealing smooth, supple skin. Not only will your face absorb your essential products better but you’ll have a glow like no other.

We’ve all heard of it, now it’s your chance to try it AND at a special price… Microneedling!

Get a Face/Microneedling Treatment for $299 (Reg $375)


Face & Neck/Microneedling Treatment for $425 (Reg $500)

What’s New?

We are often asked, “what’s new”? Dr. Gilmore is a Galderma Aesthetic Injector Network trainer and was recently down in Phoenix with her colleagues reviewing results of FDA data for the approval of Restylane Silk to be injected with a cannula for enhancement of the lips. Dr. Gilmore is part of the group of doctors that will train injectors on this newly approved method. Restylane Silk is the first filler to gain cannula approval. Injection with a cannula means fewer needle sticks, less trauma, less swelling, and less bruising.

We are delighted to welcome Myken Swaithes to our team. Myken is a well-known Master Aesthetician familiar to many in the Ann Arbor community. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience.  Book your aesthetic treatments with Myken, or schedule an assessment and start a new plan for the New Year.

Many have turned their attention to their lips and for good reason . . . . .who doesn’t want the perfect pout? Did you know that you start to lose lip volume beginning at age 18? Don’t let your “KISSER” look deflated, plump it up with specialized products engineered for creating a soft, supple yet subtle enhancement. For the month of February and the Valentine’s Day Holiday, we’re giving you 2 opportunities to create the perfect kiss with Restylane Silk and Juvederm Volbella.

Juvederm Volbella

Save $75 off your 1st syringe and $125 off your 2nd syringe when used during the same session.  Juvederm packages Volbella in a slightly smaller syringe than other fillers.

Lips and Lyft Special

Get $50 off your Restylane Silk lip injection when you purchase one syringe of Restylane Lyft, and $100 off your Restylane Silk lip injection when you purchase two syringes of Restylane Lyft.

Spring Break is right around the corner. If you are looking for spot reductions to help you feel better with your swimwear, consider UltraShape for targeted fat reduction. Save $200 off UltraShape Abdominal Treatment or $700 off the series of three UltraShape treatments for the Abdomen.