Current Specials

Save $ And Look Good Doing It!

Jeuveau 1 area
PRICE: $200 DISCOUNT: 20% VALUE: $250

PicoRejuve Face
PRICE: $325 DISCOUNT: 19% VALUE: $400

VI Purify with Precision Plus and Dermplane
PRICE: $350 DISCOUNT: 18% VALUE: $429

Vi Precision Plus Peel with Dermaplane
PRICE: $350 DISCOUNT: 18% VALUE: $429

PicoRejuve Face and Neck
PRICE: $475 DISCOUNT: 21% VALUE: $600

Ultherapy Brow
PRICE: $600 DISCOUNT: 33% VALUE: $900

Emsculpt with VelaShape single session
PRICE: $850 DISCOUNT: 26% VALUE: $1,150

Sculptra Kit
PRICE: $1,250 DISCOUNT: 14% VALUE: $1,450

Bellafill Kit (5 syringe kit divided into one - two sessions)
PRICE: $3,500 DISCOUNT: 36% VALUE: $5,500

What We’re Offering

Summer is almost here, and this is no time to neglect your skin! Protect, revive and restore with help from our monthly specials.  **Please Note Summer Hours in Effect**

Address Volume loss with, Sculptra or Bellafill this month with our specials.  You can address complexion and blemishes with our VI Peel specials.  Or fix those 11’s or Crow’s Feet with our Jeuveau special. If you are needing a lift and tightening procedure that is not a fluff treatment, we have added Ulthera for you in our specials this month. And last, but not least, for fine texture, help with fine lines, acne scars, creepy skin or just restoring glow to dull skin, we have included PicoRejuve to help you acheive fabulous results and look smashing all summer long.

Bellafill – Look great now and later with Bellafill, the dermal filler that’s both instant and lasting. This is your number one choice for beautiful, natural-looking corrections for smile lines, beautiful cheek volume and acne scars. Bellafill has a 93% thumbs up rating in Real Self!
Save $200.00 on one syringe or $2000 on a 5 syringe box this month only!!

Encourage your body to rebuild its own natural collagen with SculptraAesthetic. This revolutionary filler works naturally and gradually to restore lost volume and improve the appearance of laxity in the face. During the month of June take $200 off of a Sculptra KitOne kit per treatment, best results require 1-3 treatments. (one kit contains 2 vials)

Bellafill and Sculptra act as collagen stimulants.

Expression Lines

Jeuveau – Finding the balance between smoothing out those pesky frown lines without the risk of the dreaded “frozen face look” has never been more attainable than with Jeuveau. With Jeuveau untreated muscles will still work normally leaving you free to show off your smile all summer long!!
Purchase one area now and save $50.00!!


VI Peel Precision Plus – Specifically developed for pigmentation concerns, the Precision Plus peel is a powerful booster system targeted to treat stubborn pigmentation, including melasma, and age spots.

VI Peel Purify with Precision Plus –  The VI Peel Purify, is a highly effective treatment for acne. Using the power of Salycilic Acid, Kojic Acid and Hydrocortisone amongst its ingredients. The VI Peel Purify is a targeted solution to tackle acne and acne prone skin. Now, our friends at VI Peel have taken it a step further by adding in the VI Peel Precision Plus to address the inevitable pigmentation concerns that often go hand in hand with addressing acne control. And all at the same great price.
Save $79.00 this month only when you add a Dermaplane to the purchase of either peel!!

Lift and Tighten

Ultherapy – The only non-invasive procedure FDA-cleared to lift skin on the neck, under the chin and on the brow, is here at Procerus Skin Care! Ultherapy uses safe, time-tested ultrasound energy to lift and tighten the skin naturally; without surgery or downtime.
Save $300 today when you purchase an Ulthera Brow treatment value of $900. 

Refine Texture

PicoRejuve aka PicoLift –  treatment on our Picolaser guided by your licensed skin care professional over the surface of the skin at specified varying depths to target lines, scars, laxity, abnormal pigment, stretch marks and much more. Safe in all skin types. Best in a series. Can be used on the face, neck, chest, abdomen, or scars on the body.

Dermaplaning for the face reduced to only $79 for the month of June and $40 as an add-on with another treatment such as a facial or a microdermabrasion, and free when added on to the VI peel for June!

Body Definition and Fat Reduction

Emsculpt continues to dominate, and we at Procerus Skin Care were the first to introduce SE Michigan to Emsculpt 1 year ago. We have a wealth of experience with the Emsculpt HIFEM technology. This month by much demand we bring back a very popular special, the Emsculpt VelaShape bundle. The Emsculpt builds and activates muscle which brings about more efficient fat burning, improved core strength, and a more contoured appearance. The VelaShape aids in skin tightening – always in high demand. Emsculpt offers fast body contouring with no downtime. Add-on VelaShape during the same treatment sessions without extending your overall series and still without downtime! You can complete 4 sessions in 3 weeks!
Emsculpt with VelaShape single session reg $1150  sale  $850

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