Current Specials

Save $ And Look Good Doing It!

Restylane Refyne Lip injections (1 ml)
PRICE: $475 DISCOUNT: 30% VALUE: $675

MicroPen Face with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)
PRICE: $499 DISCOUNT: 26% VALUE: $675

MicroPen Face and Neck with PRP
PRICE: $675 DISCOUNT: 16% VALUE: $800

Secret RF Face and Neck
PRICE: $900 DISCOUNT: 18% VALUE: $1,100

Ulthera Chest
PRICE: $950 DISCOUNT: 46% VALUE: $1,750

Restylane Refyne Lip injections 2 syringes (2.0 ml)
PRICE: $950 DISCOUNT: 30% VALUE: $1,350

What We’re Offering

A sweet pout and a beautiful face, neck and declette´ are all on special for this Valentine’s Day Pop Up Sale!

We are highlighting our favorite treatments for these areas to see the best improvements and wrapping them up in a sweetheart of a deal.

Don’t let your heart get broken by crepey, sagging skin on the neck. Microneedling with PRP is our go to favorite treatment for this area. We’ve seen great results in many of our clients who have all said it was more than worth it!

Wrinkles and sagging don’t accompany a plunging neckline quite the way we were hoping it would. Ultherapy is a real gem in this region. Ultherapy has FDA clearance for tightening as well as lift of the skin of the neck and the declette´.

A beautiful perk up for the face is the combination of a dermal filler with PRP (growth factors harvested from your own body) injected giving volume restoration, tissue regeneration and a beautiful glow. Heads will turn!

Lastly, the icing on the cake, do you want to perk up your cupid’s bow? We offer a tasteful lip enhancement to reduce wrinkles of the lip from deflation, without blowing the lip up like a balloon. You’ll love the look and feel. Be amongst the first 10 to purchase and get a free gift with purchase.

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