Skin Energy News – April

Good News Friends

With MedSpas opening on every corner, and others going out of business. How can you know where to place your loyalty? Upon what criterea can you base your choices? If I had to choose today, I would go by:

  • Safety
  • Honesty
  • Relatability
  • Partnership

Take your time, interview, assess, look for honesty, go to the consultations. You didn’t age in a day, so there’s no emergency. Find someone to journey with you, someone who will tell you the truth. I hope that you find that home here with us, but if not, I’m still excited for you. This is our one beautiful life. Fight the good fight, and enjoy every good thing!

Shining Stars! What have our shining stars been up to? Lots of course! The most educated and talented group of skin professionals you can find in Ann Arbor attended the full day Advanced Ultherapy Regional hands on training. This newly rolled out protocol adds to their existing format, allowing for even greater lift and tightening with this powerful treatment.

Our ladies pictured to the left, enjoyed a team VI Peel day with the VI representative collaborating on techniques and best practices, along with combination therapies for best results for all of the skin types and skin concerns that we manage. They also enjoyed receiving the treatment, so they can better educate you all!. Follow their journey on our social media pages. Pictured clockwise 11:00 Samantha, 12:00 Cheryl, 1:00 Jamie, 5:00 Kissy and lying down Jen.

We have an exciting expansion to our threadlift selection! We are now offering Silhouette Instalift biostimulatory threads. These threads go beyond simply repositioning the skin (lifting) they cuase the tissue to regenerate. You will see an enhancement of the overlying surface skin along with the lift and improvement in volume. Biostimulatory products are the present and the future. Biostimulatory injectables products available at Procerus include Sculptra, Bellafill, Silhouette Threads, and PRP.

Non-surgical solutions for arms? Yes! There are options. For reduction in volume we have seen great results with UltraShape and VelaShape III, for lift of sagging skin, Ultherapy can be used, and now EMSCULPT is introducing arm applicators for muscle toning of the arms. For skin color and texture, our IPL and Microneedling with RF can improve uneven pigment and crepey skin. We can also use Kybella for the bra puff where the arm meets the chest.

About Kybella – You may have heard of it since it is owned by Allergan. It’s original indication is for dissolving the fat below the chin (double chin) as a liposuction alternative, but that has since expanded. It is now used for jowl fat, and off label it is used on the body for the bra puff as mentioned above and other fatty pockets on the body too small for UltraShape.

Bellafill – Procerus Skin Care offers Bellafill biostimulatory dermal filler. Dr. Gilmore has experience and expertise with this long lasting dermal filler.  Bellafill was shown to be safe and effective in their clinical trials, which included the largest number of patients studied to date for an injectable. Their results showed over 80% satisfaction at 5 years and the lowest incidence of adverse events in their data reported to the FDA over the 5 year trial period.  The study participants are being followed another 5 years for submission of 10 year data to the FDA.  Dr. Gilmore utilizes Bellafill for both revolumization and for acne scars with excellent results. If you feel it’s time to move up to a longer lasting solution for volume loss, discuss bellafill with Dr. Gilmore.

April Specials

Now that Spring is here….This is a great reminder that by restoring skin to its optimal health, the rest falls into place. Healthy and vital looking skin is the foundation to natural beauty.

Healthy-looking skin, that is even in color, smooth in texture and luminous in nature, is perceived to be vital, rested and nourished. We are highlighting services to help you combat specific concerns, such as acne, skin tone and texture.

VI Purify Acne Package
Save on our popular VI Purify Peel reg $300 tailored for acne and also get your choice of a Clenziderm product (up to $36 value) or the popular Susan Obagi Acne Wipes ($20 value) while supplies last. Sale $225

You will love the reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles along with improved skin tone and texture with softer, younger looking skin that has fewer signs of aging. Face only Reg $375, Sale $299.

The VI Peel can have boosters added for pigment and combined with microneedling can be a great combination series for more mature skin of the face, neck and chest.

Restylane Refyne or Restylane Defyne BOGO (We still have a couple remaining)

Be one of the first 15 to participate: buy one area of Dysport and one syringe of Restylane Refyne or Restylane Defyne at regular price and receive your choice of one syringe of Restylane Refyne, Defyne or Restylane L free. This offer is of a limited supply and cannot be combined with other specials or promotions. The products are not to be banked, but are for the same treatment session.

Get that Summer Glow this Spring!

All Obagi Products – 20% OFF

Save on the Nu Derm System for correcting uneven pigmentation, Obagi Professional C line and Obagi physical Zinc based sun protection.

If you can pinch more than an inch, but are at or close to your goal weight, then we have a great body package for you!

Emsculpt, builds muscle, providing toning and definition, but you may likely also need some tightening of the skin. That is why we have found great success combining the Emsculpt procedure with our VelaShape III. Not only that, but we reduced the Vela III procedure 66.67% when you do it in conjunction with the Emsculpt procedure. We want to help you reach your best result in time for swimsuit and wedding season.

Don’t forget UltraShape Power, hassle free fat destruction with up to a 30% reduction in fat in the treated area following the 3 sessions. At a 30% average fat reduction, UltraShape out performs CoolSculpting, SculptSure and TrueSculpt with no discomfort and no downtime. Start today and you will finish in one month!

MiraDry – Permanent Sweat and Odor Reduction treatment destroys underarm sweat glands permanantly, up to 80% in one session. Sale $1800 Reg $2200.
Most find 2 sessions ideal for stopping deodarant permanantly – second session discounted.

Beach Ready Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal – Let us help you get bikini ready for Summer!!

Brazilian and underarms. Reg $359, Sale $229.

Bikini and underarms. Reg $200, Sale $170.

Procerus Rewards your loyalty!

Our clients have taken advantage of Procerus Rewards for $25, $50, $120, $540 off of services and skincare products since its introduction last August.

Register and start earning beauty rewards today.