Look Fabulous with our October Specials!!

What We’re Offering

During October we can recover from the intense sun this summer and its premature aging affects on our skin.  We can also get a jump start on preparation for the holidays!  We want all of our clients to look beautiful and enjoy healthy skin so we are offering specials that make your glow goals within reach! We have two marvelous combination specials to renew the skin surface and stimulate healthy regeneration.  We have the Microdermabrasion combined with the PicoRejuvetreatment which is our more advanced version of the ClearLift. This targets the regeneration of collagen and elastion below the surface, while the microdermabrasion exfoliates and resurfaces the superficial dead skin cells. An alternative option is the “Microderm/Blue Radiance Peel Combo” for only $189!! This Marvelous treatment will youthen the appearance of the face and leave it supple and glowing.  You will have everyone wondering how you look so young!

Have you been waiting for our Filler Specials? Well, this month Aspire Rewardsmembers can use an in house $100 coupon on any  Restylane line filler when having a Dysport treatment.  There is also a $200 coupon for purchase of 2 Restylane brand fillers when combined with a Dysport treatment. Coupons arrive on October 3rd and are of a limited quantity so they will distribute first come, first serve so book your treatment early. Not an Aspire member? Not to worry! During the month of October, when you register for Aspire rewards,  Aspire will contribute $25 to breast cancer research.

Radiesse is on Special for $125 off each Syringe during October! Now is the time to stock up!  Limit three per person.

Bellafill, the 5 year filler, great for cheeks, nasolabial folds and acne scars is $200 off per syringe.

Platelet Rich Plasma with Microneedling is an excellent way to regenerate and rejuvenate the skin of the face and neck. This month we are you can book this specialized treatment at a special price. You can save $125 when treating the face, and $200 when treating the face and neck!

Save $500 on select areas with Ultherapy, the only treatment that is FDA approved for LIFT as well as tightening.

Read over our specials in the drop down menu, there are too many to list (including Cellfina!), and stock up now!

Polish, youthen, lift and glow!

Microdermabrasion Blue Radiance Peel Combo
PRICE: $189 DISCOUNT: 21% VALUE: $240

Microderm PicoRejuve/PicoFade Combo
PRICE: $375 DISCOUNT: 15% VALUE: $440

Dysport 3 area
PRICE: $419 DISCOUNT: 7% VALUE: $450

Radiesse 1.5 ml
PRICE: $575 DISCOUNT: 18% VALUE: $700

Microneedle Face PRP
PRICE: $675 DISCOUNT: 16% VALUE: $800

Dysport one area & Restylane Lyft one syringe*
PRICE: $725 DISCOUNT: 12% VALUE: $825

Bellafill 1 Syringe
PRICE: $900 DISCOUNT: 18% VALUE: $1,100

Kybella 2 vials
PRICE: $950 DISCOUNT: 30% VALUE: $1,350

Microneedle Face and Neck PRP
PRICE: $1,050 DISCOUNT: 16% VALUE: $1,250

Dysport one area & Restylane Lyft two syringes*
PRICE: $1,200 DISCOUNT: 14% VALUE: $1,400

UltraShape buy two 9-11 zone treatment get 3rd one Free
PRICE: $2,200 DISCOUNT: 33% VALUE: $3,300

Cellfina Cellulite Solution
PRICE: $3,100 DISCOUNT: 11% VALUE: $3,500

Some of our offerings are of limited quantity, so be sure to lock in your savings today with an online purchase!

Specials expire October 31st.