Plasma Pen

Plasma IQ for wrinkles and loose upper eyelid skin helps those seeking skin tightening and improved skin texture in Ann Arbor Michigan, Detroit, Lansing and surrounding areas. Plasma IQ uses Plasma technology that generated a spark near the skin stimulating the envision of the Plasma energy generated from excited electrons. The device has received multiple FDA clearances including clearance for the treatment of eyelid skin for laxity. The excited Plasma energy generates tightening of tissues through collagen contraction.

The Plasma IQ treatment can be used in multiple areas including face, neck, and around the eyes. It is exceptionally beneficial in helping with fine line reduction such as lip lines, crow’s feet, small indented scars( ice pick scars) and for destroying syringomos around the eyes.

What should I expect at my appointment?

At your appointment, your practitioner will discuss your main areas of concern. You will have about 30-45 minutes of numbing time to make the treatment more comfortable for you. The treatment itself ranges for about 15-45 minutes based on the area being treated. Your practitioner will assess the areas and select depths and energy levels specific to your needs.

How long will it last?

After collagen is created, your body will naturally break it down overtime. Sun protection and a healthy lifestyle including avoiding smoking will help results to last longer. Your baseline (prior to treatment ) state will also affect how long your results will last. On average a treatment may be beneficial yearly to maintain results.

What is the downtime?

After a Plasma IQ procedure, a series of tiny, round, scab-like markings about 1 millimeter in diameter will be seen across the treated area. You may also experience some swelling, discoloration, and slight tenderness of the area treated. These affects should clear after about 5 days, and the dryness and crusts will fade in 7 -9 days. Swelling and discoloration are usually resolved by one week. It’s important to keep the area moisturized and protected from the sun following the treatment to minimize skin darkening. We recommend a post-procedure healing accelerant like Alastin Skin Nectar.

Treated fine lines and wrinkles will appear more smooth and much less noticeable. For some concerns such as acne scars, and loose eyelid skin, a series of treatments is most effective.

What is the difference between Radiofrequency and the Plasma IQ?

Radiofrequency in general penetrates more deeply into the skin where as the Plasma IQ Plasma technology generates energy above the surface. This energy is powerful and crosses several layers depending on the settings. It can be beneficial in areas of thinner skin like the upper eyelid and area of the crow’s feet or lip lines for example.

How many treatments are required?

Based on the area being treated and patient goals, your practitioner can recommend a plan that best suites you. A treatment series may range from 2-6 treatments. Typically areas get substantial benefit after 3.

How much does the Plasma IQ cost?

Each treatment can range from $400-$1500 based on size of treatment area.

Works well with:

Platelet rich plasma to enhance results. Can be combined with Fraxel for pigment concerns to address more physical signs of aging such as skin quality and texture or Erbium or CO2 laser where more dramatic resurfacing is needed. Neurotoxins can be used to help to maintain the results of fine line reduction.