Evoke for jowling, the double chin, and loose skin of the lower face and upper neck helps those seeking skin tightening and improved skin texture in Ann Arbor Michigan, Detroit, Lansing, and surrounding areas. Evoke designed by INMODE uses innovative hands-free radiofrequency to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin to promote collagen remodeling and contraction resulting in skin tightening. This treatment is non-invasive and helps to rejuvenate and tighten the skin.

What should I expect at my appointment?

At your appointment, your practitioner will discuss your main areas of concern. Your practitioner will assess the areas and select energy levels specific to your needs. This unique hands-free treatment can be used to sculpt the lower face. It can also target the loose skin under the chin. The certified technician places the applicators and confirms appropriate treatment settings and assesses your comfort. Once in place. The treatment cycles run without a person hovering over your face. You can sit through the session and go through your email. Not to worry, if you have any concerns or need a bathroom break, you have access to the technician via a call button. There is no numbing required and the treatment runs for 30-40 minutes.

How long will it last?

After collagen is created, your body will naturally break it down over time. Sun protection and a healthy lifestyle including avoiding smoking will help results to last longer. Your baseline (before treatment ) state will also affect how long your results will last. On average treatment may be beneficial yearly to maintain results.

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What is the downtime?

Evoke is a no-downtime procedure. Immediately after the treatment, the area treated will be red from warmth. This redness subsides quickly At this point patients are usually able to return to their normal day-to-day activities.

How many treatments are required?

Based on the area being treated and patient goals, your practitioner can recommend a plan that best suites you which may range from 4-6 treatments.

How much does the Evoke cost?

Each treatment is $400 per zone per session.

Works well with:

PDO threadlift for more substantial tissue remodeling and repositioning for concerns like advanced jowling and laxity.
Kybella may be used prior to Evoke to to reduce significant double chin fat.