QWO Cellulite Treatment

What Is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a complex multi-factorial condition hallmarked by fat trapped in the dermal layer of your skin leading to dimpling, waviness, “orange peel” or “cottage cheese” appearing skin texture and/or overall less smooth contour irregularity. The dimpling is often caused by “fibrous septae.”

What is QWO?

QWO at Procerus Skin Care with Dr. Gilmore in Ann Arbor, Michigan is the world’s first and only FDA-approved injectable for the treatment of cellulite. QWO injected by Dr. Gilmore works by enzymatically disrupting the fibrous septae responsible for creating cellulite resulting in a smoother appearance of the treated skin.

Why Choose QWO?

The QWO treatment is the first of its kind. The injection specifically targets and dissolves cellulite on the buttocks, and has a long-lasting formula, unlike any other injectable.

How Does QWO Work?

When Dr. Gilmore injects QWO into the cellulite dimples of the buttocks, an enzyme called Collagenase Clostridium histolyticum works underneath the skin to break down the thickened collagen and fibrous strings that hold cellulite together.

Who is a Candidate for Treatment with QWO?

Although QWO is derived from bacteria, it is very safe for use in the body. Any adult woman with cellulite on the buttocks is a fitting candidate for this cutting-edge treatment regardless of weight or being in the midst of weight loss.

At Procerus Skin Care, delivering safe and effective treatments to help our patients be their best self is always our number one priority.  If you are frustrated or embarrassed because of cellulite, give our office a call at 734 794-3786 to learn more about how QWO can help.  Call, text 734-304-7816 or book online.

Where can I have QWO injected?

QWO injections with Dr. Gilmore have been FDA-approved to treat dimples aka cellulite on the buttocks.

Where is another common area that patients report concerns for cellulite?

Dr. Gilmore routinely has patients voicing concerns of contour irregularity and cellulite on the back of their thighs.

What is the medication in QWO?

QWO injected by Dr. Gilmore in Ann Arbor, Michigan is primarily comprised of CCH-Collagenase Clostridium Histolyticum

What is CCH?

Collagenase Clostridium Histolyticum aka CCH aka QWO with Dr. Gilmore in Michigan, is an enzyme that breaks down collagen (specifically Type 1 and Type 3) in specific tissues to help the body create new and better-quality skin.

Is QWO safe?

QWO has been studied by qualified doctors like Dr. Gilmore in hundreds of patients who have undergone thousands of treatments in total. The treatment seems to be very safe with adverse events like other cosmetic injectable treatments.

How is QWO administered?

QWO is a clear, odorless water-like mixture that is injected through tiny needles into the dimples responsible for creating the appearance of cellulite.

What Can I Expect During Treatment?

After treatment with QWO, the patient will not experience any downtime. On average, the patient may need to return to our office two more times about three weeks apart for best results. However, Dr. Gilmore will determine what treatment plan is best for each individual patient.

Unlike other injectables on the market, the results seen with QWO can last from one year, with the potential to last up to five years. Notably, each patient’s skin is different, and results may vary.