Laser Hair Removal

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The Procerus Skin Care Difference

The lasers used at Procerus Skin Care are fast, which reduces treatment time for our laser hair removal patients and are able to treat most skin types. Our technology provides long-lasting hair removal, and our series of six treatments performed at different intervals of the growth cycle ensures this.  Procerus Skin Care uses only the latest technology available. Our current state of the art equipment for Laser Hair Removal consists of the Candela Gentle Max Pro Alexandrite and NDYAG, Alma Harmony XL SHR and Syneron Diode RF Motif. The NDYAG and Diode Motif specifically are very effective and safe in people with darker skin types, allowing us to treat a broad range of skin colors and skin tones. The Alexandrite is a gold standard for dark hair with light skin, with fast results. The SHR allows us to go after more fine hairs, as does the Diode RF. Hence we can utilize different lasers during different times in your treatment series to ensure an optimum outcome.

The GentleMax Pro at Procerus Skin Care Ann Arbor, Michigan will treat the skin with cryogen spray just before the laser energy providing strong numbing to the skin so the laser energy does not hurt, thus providing painless hair removal for all skin types and body or face hair treatment zones.

Who is a candidate for laser hair removal?

Good candidates for laser hair removal are realistic patients who have been selected based upon their understanding of the risks and benefits of recovery of the procedure.  In general, there are very few risks resulting from laser hair removal, but the application of any laser can result in a thermal injury, pigmentation abnormalities and a scar, unless you select a provider, like Procerus Skin Care, that has a high degree of experience in the application of laser energy to reduce these risks as much as possible.  Some centers will decrease the fluency or use low fluency, long pulse durations, or high-repetition laser systems that have virtually no risk but also little to no efficacy.  *Often these kinds of laser systems will result in 10, 12 or 14 treatments and you will find 50% or less of the hair follicles have been permanently reduced. *There’s no guarantee of specific results and the results can vary.

Persons who may not qualify for permanent laser hair removal may include those individuals who may be pregnant at the time of the procedure or individuals with an inflammatory, infectious or cancerous growth in the region of treatment.

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How long will the results of my Procerus Skin Care laser hair removal series last?

*After a series of six treatments, most Procerus Skin Care Laser Hair removal patients will notice between 60% and 80% permanent reduction.  Those hairs that are not permanently reduced will be made smaller (micronization), will grow hair that is finer and not as dark and will also synchronize growth cycles.  Synchronization of the hair growth cycles after 6 treatments and after 70% or 80% reduction, is generally desirable because we also prolong telogen, or the sleeping phase.  So, most patients will experience hairlessness for many months in each area following a Procerus Skin Care laser hair removal series and when the hair that did not get killed gets regrowth, they’re able to come into Procerus Skin Care for a maintenance treatment at special pricing for the small percentage of hairs that have been resistant to the multi- wavelength series of laser hair removal treatments.

*There’s no guarantee of specific results and the results can vary.

How much does Laser Hair Removal cost?

Price Range: $40 – $900