Build and Sculpt Your Body with EMsculpt

Build and Sculpt Your Body with EMscuplt

Imagine building muscles while losing fat at the same time! That’s exactly what EMsculpt is all about. It is a non-surgical body contouring treatment that uses cutting-edge technology to strengthen muscles and break down fat.  

Did You Know?

Regardless of your age, muscles are vital to your overall health. Muscles comprise 35% of your body and allow for movement, balance, physical strength, organ function, skin integrity, immunity, and wound healing. 

Only 30 Minute Treatment!

EMsculpt has taken the aesthetic industry by storm due to its ability to affect the muscle in a way you couldn’t do voluntarily. During a 30-minute treatment session, a patient’s muscle in the targeted region can contract 20,000 times!

Destroy Fat and Increase Muscle 

What’s more, only EMsculpt has so far proven to be able to both destroy fat deposits and increase muscle mass. Other body contouring treatments only act on the fat while ignoring the underlying muscle. The outcome of this treatment is a release of fatty acids and muscle fibers in your abdomen and buttocks becoming thicker and stronger.

EMsculpt Advantages

Apart from the main result, many people are adopting EMsculpt because of the following advantages:

  • It only takes 30 minutes
  • 100% non-invasive
  • Has no side effects
  • It doesn’t disrupt daily activities
  • Results are quick and noticeable

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