August Newsletter

August Specials

Series of 3 Customized Energy Procedures
(1 micropen, IPL, ClearLift)  $450        (Value: $625-75)

UltraShape Abdomen
9-11 zones  $950     (Value $1300)

Botox – 1 Area $250 (Value: $299)

Dysport – 1 Areas $225 (Value: $250)

Kybella – 1 Vial $500 (Value: $600)

345 Plan 5 years younger in just  3 months!
-7 energy based procedures, 4 injectable sessions 1 VI Peel and more!
$4000.00 (Value $5200)

Coupon Days in August!!

Xeomin – 2 Areas $329 (Value: $375)

Xeomin – 3 Areas $ 449 (Value: $499)

VI Peels Save $50 – VI Peel $300, VI Purify $250, VI Premium Plus $325 (take $50 off any one of these)

Restylane Silk – $395 (Value: $525)

Radiesse – $600 (Value: $700)

Bellafill – Syringe $750 (Value: $1100)

If I could turn back time…

3 Months later…. 5 years younger!

Transformational medical grade skin care products form Obagi are selected specific to your individual skin care needs. One example would be if you struggle with pigment from sun damage, then the NuDerm or CrX line would be ideal for targeting pigment from sun damage or melasma. State of the art growth factor technology will be introduced, as well as antioxidant and protective regimen with refined physical UVA and UVB sun protection will be provided.

Dynamic expression lines will be addressed at your first session, INITIATION with 2 areas of Botulinum Toxin. Your skin will be catapulted into submission with a VI Precision Plus peel which will begin your transformation starting on day one. Following instructions to the tee, you will return in 2 weeks for your next round, ALL IN ClearLift/IPL/Sublative. The down time will be approx. 3 days. You will be amazed at well your transformation is going. You will return in one week for your micropen treatment. Your skin realizes by now, that life will never be the same again.

You will have 3 weeks to enjoy this wonderful softer smoother skin while guarding it vigilantly from the sun. You will return to GOING DEEP and have another ClearLift, then volume correction with dermal fillers all topped off by a 2nd IPL. Dazzle everyone with your fabulous face for four weeks and then return for your remaining additional syringe of filler and a touch up IPL. Two weeks later you will be due for your 3 month Botulinum toxin injection CELEBRATE and SUSTAIN. We will take your after pictures and celebrate the reclaimed years.

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How do some of our favorite treatments rate?

UltraShape has an 89% worth it rating.
Bellafill has a 92% worth it rating.
Restylane Silk rates 96% worth it
Voluma rates 90% worth it and
Kybella has a 92% worth it rating.

These ratings do not represent scientific data, just consumers who have signed on to rate their experiences. The more people that contribute, the better, and the more worthwhile the information will be. So it would be great for you to add your perspective, make your voice heard, and increase the overall number of reviews.

Join the XEOMIN Experience Program Today and Save $50 Off Your Next Injection!

Have you ever tried XEOMIN? XEOMIN

(incobutlinumtoxinA) is similar to Botox and Dysport. XEOMIN is a FDA approved injectable for the treatment of adults with moderate to severe frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead wrinkles. The results of XEOMIN typically last three to six months.

To join the Xperience program, go to to register. In about 5-7 business days, you will receive your XEOMIN Xperience Visa in the mail. At your next XEOMIN appointment, bring your XEOMIN Xperience Visa and we will provide you with a pin to load your $50 onto your visa, in which you can then apply it at checkout. Your visa will expire in 90 days after you receive it in the mail – so call to book your XEOMIN appointment today!

Now expanded to include Radiesse! Get $100 Pin code with purchase of Radiesse!

Coupon Days Return in August!!

We will add 25% to your Brilliant Distinctions or Aspire Rewards coupon this month. We will also extend this bonus to your Xperience Visa card if used at Procerus by 8/30/16